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Interested in biking more, but you're not sure about the rules that govern bike traffic? Do you drive in a popular cycling area who wants to learn more about sharing the road? Look no further than SafeCycle Biking NJ! Check out how it was made.
Safe Cycle Biking

Dash of Love

started out as an exercise in learning more motion graphic techniques and it quickly took on a life of its own thanks to some inspiration from Coldplay, Dallas Clayton, and It's a Wonderful Life.

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Dash Animation

Salon C, a hair salon in New Milford, NJ, just launched their first ever website! The website was made using a CMS and has a clean design that showcases the stylist's work and personality. Learn more

Salon C's Website
Spring Sneezer

"Spring Sneezer" is a short animation about the wonders of spring, but the terror that pollen and spring allergies can bring. It was inspired by the "Pollen Tsunami" of 2015.
Check out some concept sketches and watch it here!

Spring Sneezer
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mini lightbulb Hey there!

I'm Kerry, an animator and web designer from northern NJ. I'm an avid storyteller, love a good food pun, and enjoy spending a majority of my time outside. I'm drawn to both the technical and artistic side of digital media. I've found that my passion lies combining technology with art and animation to create more interactive experiences.

You can view some of my most recent client and personal work above and check out my blog where I chat about the projects that I'm working on. Currently it's learning PHP and working on my next animated feature!

I'd love to hear from you, whether it's feedback on my portfolio or opportunities for new work (both full-time and freelance), so get in touch!